ICTSD enables, facilitates and supports interaction among policymakers and influencers to craft and implement policy frameworks on trade that deliver sustainable development.

To ensure that sustainable development objectives are factored into all aspects of the international trade system, ICTSD aims to facilitate the emergence of a critical mass of well-informed stakeholders who can identify and effectively advance their own sustainable development priorities in trade policy and related policy processes.

ICTSD works to build well-informed communities, support dialogues around policy, and empower policymakers and influencers to act effectively on issues in the trade policy arena that impact national and global sustainable development. A particular emphasis is placed on communities that are often excluded from the policymaking processes.

ICTSD advances its mission through three types of activities:

Information and communication

ICTSD provides a consistent flow of reliable, non-partisan reporting and analysis on policy developments in the trade and sustainable development field. ICTSD accomplishes this through communication tools, including eight regularly published periodicals produced in six languages that cover region-specific issues: Bridges, BioRes, Bridges Africa, Mosty, Passerelles, Pontes, Puentes, and 桥 Qiáo.

Policy dialogue

ICTSD creates opportunities for dialogue that bring new voices and perspectives into policy debates. This serves to mobilise a wide range of stakeholders and facilitates constructive interaction among policymakers and influencers in non-negotiating settings.

Research and analysis

Interaction among those in the policymaking space focuses on problem solving. ICTSD thus generates research and analysis that takes a solutions-focused approach to sustainable development in trade policy and related policy processes.